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Uncle Brooks Mr. Brooks Jr. Miss Brooks
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HELP!! Who are these people?

I have been fortunate enough to receive copies of photos (Thanks again, Barb!) that I believe they may be of Caleb Brooks V, Born 1800 in Boston?, Massachusetts, USA and Died 1879 in Low, Quebec, Canada. The other photo's are likey of his son, Caleb Jr. and one of his daughters. The information I do have about the photos is as follows.
  • The photos were labelled Uncle Brooks, Mr. Brooks Jr. and Miss Brooks. (I didn't get copies of the labels)
  • The photos were taken in Ottawa, Ontario between 1855 and 1867 based on the clothing and hairstyles, type of photography used and mention of Canada West (Changed to Ontario in 1867) and Ottawa (Changed from Bytown in 1855) on the photograhers stamps. See larger versions of photos for photographer's stamp. Since the two examples of the photographers stamps are different, we can assume the photographs were not taken at the same time but within approx. 10 years of each other)
  • The photos originally belonged to Caleb's Nephew-in-law (Hence, Uncle Brooks) and came to me from the Nephew's Granddaughter
  • A direct descendant of Caleb Brooks also has a copy of the "Uncle Brooks" photo but is uncertain who it is.
If anyone recognizes these photos please e-mail me. I would LOVE to have positive confirmation of their identities!

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1792 Marriage Register of HENRY WARNE AND SUSANNA BLAKE
from St. Issey Parish Marriage Register, Cornwall, England
Photo   |   Text

from St. Issey Parish Marriage Register, Cornwall, England
Photo   |   Text

Saskatchewan Warnes

Ernest Albert and Lillian (May) Warne of Whitewood, Sask., Early 1900s | Photo

Albert Leonard and Erie Ellen "Nellie" (Hamilton) Warne of Indian Head, Sask., 1939 | Photo

Ottawa Warnes visit Lillian (May) Warne in White Wood 1967/68 | Photo

South Dakota Warnes

John "Jack" Brenton and Susie Hilda (May) Warne of South Dakota, Taken Christmas 1907 | Photo

John Brenton Warne Family Photo | Photo
Taken Sept.16, 1952 on the occasion of John and Susie's 50th anniversary
Top Row L to R - John Charles "Chuck", Louise, Philip, Rose, Harry, Mae and William
Lower 2 lows L to R - Vera , Lillian, John "Jack" Brenton, Richard, Susie Hilda and Thomas Edwin

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