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Welcome to WarneWeb Ancestry

I am researching the surnames of Warne, Brooks, MacLean, Irwin, McColm, Knowsley, Hamilton, Dexter and May, from the following areas. 607 additional surnames are listed on my Surnames page.

I would be happy to exchange information with anyone with an interest in these families.

If you notice any errors or omissions please don't hesitate to email me.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,

Surnames and Locations

St. Issey & St. Columb Cornwall, England. Also seeking descendants of Canadian and USA immigrants. Origin of Warne Surname
Northern New Brunswick, Canada after 1820 Kivickeon Parish, Isle of Mull, Scotland before 1810
Masham or Kazabazua, Quebec, Canada after 1828 Ireland, Briskinaugh, County Monahan, before 1828
New Richmond, Quebec, Canada after 1870 Ayrshire, Scotland before 1870.
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA between 1630 & 1818 Possibly Suffolk County, England before 1630
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.
Carnwath, Lanark County, Scotland before 1859. West Luther Township, Ontario, Canada after 1859.
Goosmoor, Cornwall, England.
Randolph, Vermont prior to 1825 Hull and other areas of Quebec after 1825
Attention MacLean and Brooks Researchers.

If your ancestors are from the areas listed above and you are unable to find them in my tree, please visit;

My Special Thanks goes out to the following people for all their invaluable assistance.
  • Annette Anderson (Brooks/Dexter)
  • Christopher Brooks (Brooks)
  • Darlene Campbell (MacLean/McColm)
  • Allie Dunbabin (Warne)
  • Teresa and Jeff Even (Warne)
  • Alexa Pritchard (Irwin/Brooks)
  • Linda Laird (Brooks/Dexter)
  • Gary Lucas (Warne)
  • Alton and Erle MacLean (Maclean)
  • William McColm (McColm)
  • Barb Schwartz (Brooks/Dexter)
  • Phil Warn(Warne)
  • Helen Warne (Warne)
  • Len Warne (Warne / Hamilton / Knowsley / May)

A website in memory of my mother, Lorraine MacLean

updated: Aug. 29, 2012
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